Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter 1

Juliana’s eyes shot wide open. But the feeling didn’t go away. She suddenly felt nauseous. Everything around her was a dusky grey. She wasn’t in the church anymore. Where was she? She then realized that she was at home, under her covers in her own room.

She looked at her left ring finger. Where was her ring? That’s when she remembered that she didn’t actually have one. That most definitely must have been a dream.

Juliana sat up in her bed. She tried desperately to forget the bad parts of that dream. She just wanted to hold onto the good parts.

The ringing of her phone startled her. She picked up her phone and answered it without looking at the caller id.


“Hey babe! Did I wake you up?” It was Juliana’s boyfriend, Kayne.

“Oh, hey honey. Yeah, I just woke up, but you didn’t wake me. I’m glad you called because I was actually wan…”

“Alright, that’s good and all babe, but I have to go. I’ll talk to you later. Love ya.”

Juliana was going to ask about their plans for later that night at Taloni’s. Oh well, she new that Kayne was always busy at work.

She rolled out of bed. She had to be at work in two hours.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Juliana Hope was so excited and happy! She smiled in pure ecstasy at the ring gleaming at her from her left ring finger. She could only wait with increasing longing as that wonderful and  amazing moment drew near. Everything was perfect. Life was amazing. Juliana could not wait until she was walking down that aisle towards the perfect man of her dreams.

"Everything is in place. We need the wedding party to come out and line up," said the wedding planner. While everyone else filed out of the room, Juliana took one last long look at herself in the mirror. She was in heaven! Her hair, her gown, everything was absolutely perfect.

"Juliana, we're ready for you."

Here we go, she thought. She slowly turned away from the mirror. But as she did, that feeling of sure bliss started fading away. What was wrong? With each step, the feeling got dimmer and dimmer as a new emotion began to creep up. Loneliness. She was feeling lonely? How could she feel lonely when the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with was just on the other side of the church doors? As she got closer and closer to those doors, however, the feeling continued to grow until it was as if there was a giant weight crushing down on her chest. Finally, the emotion overcame her and she began to sob. She could not stop crying no matter how hard she tried. She squeezed her eyes tight, trying with all her might to get rid of this most horrible feeling.

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