Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chapter 1.2

She sat there at her desk, hardly remembering where she was. She was deep in thought. A knock on her desk startled her.

“So do you Juliana?” It was her boss. She was probably asking for the paperwork that was supposed to be on her desk an hour ago.

“Oh Laurie, I am so sorry! I completely zoned out! I will have that paperwork done right away. I’ll even work through lunch.”

“Good, because that meeting is in three hours and I don’t want to look bad.”

Juliana felt horrible! Okay Juliana, you need to focus. This is important. You want that promotion, don’t you? But what am I going to wear tonight? I want to be dazzling…no…focus. Juliana continued with her work but found it hard not to think about her date. Sure, Kayne was always busy with work, but he made up for it in the few dates they had time for. He usually took her to some expensive restaurant and let her order whatever she wanted. Then they would head home and have a great time. Of course, he had a tendency to answer calls at dinner, but he always assured it was an emergency.

Alright, M.C. Work-time.


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