Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Twisted Mind of Jesse Parks

Jesse walked down the road, feeling all alone. Nothing had been going right...for a long time. There were things in her past that she wanted to forget things she said that she wanted to take back. Words...Actions...Selfish Ambitions...all things she had done...all things that had hurt people...all things she wanted to undo. But, alas, they were done. There was no going back. most bridges were gone...lost forever. This wasn't fair, she thought...everyone deserved a second chance, right? Why didn't she get one? Why was she so not special?

Up walked Peeter. The same guy that had been catching up with her every morning for months. Goodness, he was so attractive. No wonder he didn't ask her out. Jesse always had a way of repelling men. They never approached her. Maybe she was just unapproachable...that was probably her fault, too. She didn't want anyone close to her because she might hurt them too...or they would leave her. Leave her alone, hurt and broken. It wasn't worth it, either way.

"Hey," Peeter said, "How are you doing this morning?"
"I'm doing wonderful," she lied, "just like every other morning." This was the ruse that she had everyone convinced of. "Just heading to work," she smiled.
"Really, Jesse? Because you look upset."
She must look more pathetic than she thought, that was no good, she would have to work on that.
"No, really, I'm fine. I just didn't get enough sleep last night."
"Oh, okay. Well hey, I was wondering if you wanted to go have dinner tonight. We can do it early if you want so that you can catch some shut eye tonight."
Really? A pity date? She must really be off of her game. She knew he was only doing it to lift her spirits.
"Oh, well, that's not going to work, I don't think I have a ton of work to do today and I will probably have to bring some of it home with me, so, sorry." In truth, her job didn't require her to do much of anything. She was usually bored after eleven o'clock.
"Well, maybe you can call me when you do have time," he said with a smile, and he handed her his card.
"Oh, sure. Talk to you later. Bye," but she never planned on doing so.

My Short Stories

I was getting tired of having thoughts and dreams that I thought would make a great story and never finishing the story once I had begun to write. I feel like having a for real place to publish them will force an incentive to actually write them down and finish them. So here they are! My dreams and thoughts shall now suddenly appear! POOF!

P.S. The blog is still a work in progress, please ignore additional tabs that don't work and such.

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